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Dust Off Your Dreams?

It all began with the creation of the book, The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife Horses (Trafalgar Square Books, 2011). In researching this book, author Melinda Folse ran across some interesting ideas and insights about the horse-human connection, the help horses can bring to women at this pivotal time of life, and perhaps most important, amazing stories of women who, with the help of horses, gained the clarity, confidence and courage they needed to dust off their cherished old dreams and reinvent themselves at midlife and beyond.

In gathering together several of the key resources called upon to develop this book, a few like-minded friends began to imagine, "what if we could boil down some of the most life-changing experiences of the "Midlife Horses" journey and create a weekend retreat designed to jumpstart this process for all women (horse crazed or not!) age 35-65?  Horses, it turns out, are sometimes the dream and sometimes the catalyst — but they're always ready to help us find our way in this ageless exploration of self if we'll let them.  

So it was that Dust Off Your Dreams Retreats was born. With a multidisciplinary approach to solving our midlife quandaries, rediscovering (and sometimes retooling) old dreams and passions, and forming an action plan to bring "someday" to the here and now, we invite you to step boldly with us into the word of reinvention — at midlife and beyond — with the horsepower we need to make Part Two of our lives all we ever hoped it could be — and more!

Get Away in Style at the
Wildcatter Ranch Resort and Spa

Because we believe it takes just the right setting to inspire the kind of thinking that spurs action, we've chosen the spectacular vistas of the Wildcatter Ranch Resort and Spa as the venue for this worldview-changing event. From its breathtaking vistas to fine dining and delicious fare to plenty of room to let your dreams out for a long awaited romp, your stay at the Wildcatter is sure to put the awe in this awesome weekend renewal experience.

Check out what The New York Times has to say about this little jewel of the West! 

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