Kathy Taylor, CEO, HerdWise
Topic: “The Honesty of Horses”

As the founder of HerdWise, LLC and an EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist, Kathy will be the first to tell you her most important life lessons involved horses. She established HerdWise to share the wisdom of horses to help people discover their talents, strengths, style for better relationships and a more successful life. Kathy was the recipient of the 2011  Innovator Award presented by the National Association of Women Business Owners. As a professional interpreter of the body language of horses, Kathy is the first one to know when her horse is giving her the hoof.

Julie Mastin, MA, LPC, HerdWise
Topic:  “Gaining Self Awareness with the Help of Horses”

Combining her special understanding of human relationships with her professional knowledge and expertise concerning the characteristics and work-related strengths employers look for, Julie believes deeply in the power of the horse to provide simple, yet powerful messages for all who strive to be exceptional leaders and team players. As a therapist in private practice in Fort Worth, Julie received the 2008 YMCA Humanitarian Award for her dedication and expertise in counseling young women.


Denise Barrows, Practical Equine Solutions
Topic: “Cultivating Calm Courage”

Denise has been riding, caring for, and learning about horses since she was old enough to walk, and she now makes her living teaching others how to ride, be safe and enjoy horses at any age or ability. Although she holds a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science from Oregon State University and Master's degree in Equine Nutrition from Texas A&M University, Denise's knowledge extends far beyond the horsemanship she teaches into the dynamics of relationship. She's little, but she'll show you how to "get as big as you need to" on the inside.

Are you ready to 

Dust Off Your Dreams?


Melinda Folse, author and speaker
Topic: “Reinventing yourself at midlife and beyond”

After 30 years of writing about her client's dreams, trials, and success stories, Melinda finally bit the bullet and wrote about pursuing her own. In finding its mark among Baby Boomer horse enthusiasts, her fourth book, The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife Horses has opened doors to reinvention she never imagined. Melinda is a 1982 graduate of Texas Tech University with a degree in English and minor in PR/Advertising. She has been set straight by her two horses, Trace and Rio, more times than she can count.

Linda McDermott, Sr. Associate Minister, First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth
Topic: “Centered Thinking”

As the Senior Associate Minister at First United Methodist CHurch in Fort Worth, Texas, Linda is well-respected for her leadership at numerous women's retreats as well as all manner of meditation and centering prayer classes and programs. She holds a bachelor of science in psychology from The University of Texas and a Master of Divinity from Texas Christian University, along with certification in Pastoral Counseling. It was only recently however, that Linda was charmed by a horse to the point that she wants to share this experience and help make it available to others.

Cassandra Thompson, ABSolute Pilates
Topic:  “Gaining body awareness and correcting imbalance with Pilates”

It was a hip replacement that led Cassandra, a former dancer and entrepreneur, to Pilates with results so astounding she left the import/export business to become a full time instructor. A Stott Pilates Certified Level II Instructor trained in New York City, Cassandra has been sharing the powerful therapeutic and regenerative benefits of Pilates ever since. Now in her 10th year of business, Cassandra's ABSolute Pilates has changed the lives and riding habits of countless students with effective tools and solutions that build flexible strength and core stability for benefits both in and out of the saddle. Her horse, Murphy, says Pilates makes her riding cues much harder to ignore.

Anne Street Skipper, Owner and General Manager, Wildcatter Ranch Resort and Spa,
Topic: "Living My Wildcatter Dream"

As owner and general manager of the Wildcatter Ranch and Resort, Anne remembers very well the moment of midlife clarity that set in motion the opportunity to live her dream every single day. With a lifelong interest in the travel and hospitality industries, (and a bachelor's degree in humanities and religion with special certifications in hospitality management and tourism from Penn State, Texas Hotel and Lodging Association (THLA) and Texas Travel Industry Association (TTIA), Anne's active expression of her midlife dream serves as a perfect wake-up call to anyone who thinks it's too late to dream big. In her desire to "do something good" for the community of Graham, (Anne's a direct descendant of Graham's founders) Anne combined her interests and passions to create a "Miss Kitty meets Ralph Lauren"  destination experience designed to fuel the dreams of others. Also a career actress, Anne is quick to say that playing "Miss Anne at the Wildcatter" is her favorite role yet.

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